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Improve Your Scuba Diving Skills

You've felt the rush of breathing underwater and completed your PADI Open Water Diver certification. Now you're looking for new dive adventures to impove your scuba skills, gain more confidence and meet more dive buddies. Continuing your scuba education will help you increase your experience and comfort in the water with the assistance of a PADI scuba instructor. In addition to taking PADI courses, try these tips from the pros while you work towards earning your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

Virtually explore real marine locations!

eDiving - Explore Your Ocean. Practice with your dive computer and see wonderful places around the globe to dive. Return to dive locations that you have dove and loved in the past. Try eDiving by following this link: Virtual Diving.

If you have just purchased a new dive computer OR you are looking at the different models of dive computers, check out Dive Computer Training An online course where you can learn your new dive computer. There is even a PADI Specialty card for some of the computers when you finish. Just print out your final paper showing that you are done, and we can send off for your Specailty card. As soon as I find out what the charge is, I will post it so come back and see what I found out.