DFW Scuba will be 10 years old in April!

Keep checking back from time to time to see what kind of things we will be doing this year to celebrate our 10th year in business.

It's time to learn to DIVE!

There are many reasons to learn to scuba dive. It may be something to mark off your bucket list, a reason to travel or even a way to escape the effects of gravity. If you’ve been thinking about it and haven’t taken the plunge, here is a list of reasons to learn to dive, and PADI is the #1 recognized agency, worldwide!

Explore parts of the world that many don’t get to see. The ocean covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. If your goal is to “see the world” then you’ll need to learn to scuba dive.

Relive the vast amount of history that lies beneath the sea. You can explore wrecks that sit at the bottom of the ocean, including World War ships and planes.

Experience weightlessness. Is gravity always bringing you down? Learn to dive and feel the sweet spot of neither sinking nor floating.

You have a place to escape everyday technology and Zen out. There are no phone calls to answer or emails to respond to underwater. Your attention is focused on breathing and what you see through your mask (which most of the time is pretty awesome!).

Share your adventures with your friends on social media. Everyone loves pictures of Flipper and Nemo.



Keep Scuba Diving

Improve Your Scuba Diving Skills

You've felt the rush of breathing underwater and completed your PADI Open Water Diver certification. Now you're looking for new dive adventures to impove your scuba skills, gain more confidence and meet more dive buddies. Continuing your scuba education will help you increase your experience and comfort in the water with the assistance of a PADI scuba instructor. In addition to taking PADI courses, try these tips from the pros while you work towards earning your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.